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A townhouse from the year 1909 built in the utmost quality of the time, comparable with the buildings on Pařížská Street. Stylistically, the building architecture can be classified among the late period of Eclecticism from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. There are both Gothic and Renaissance references here, which are supplemented by Art Nouveau floral motifs. The northern street-front façade, which faces Riegrovy sady, has three axes, six stories and a mansard roof on the uppermost floor. The very demanding composition of the façade includes both balconies on massive corbels, as well as bay windows and a tri-axial archway on the 4th floor. The composition is culminated with the central gable on the level of the mansard. The exacting character and high level of the exterior fully correspond with the layouts of the flats, which are still evidence of the high degree of residential culture of the time.



Rezidence Silencio is located in a quiet Vinohrady neighbourhood between two parks – Riegrovy sady and Sady Svatopluka Čecha. From the nearby Žižkov Tower you can see all of Prague spread out before you and you will see for yourself that Vinohrady is simply the most beautiful of all.

You can spend a day here with pleasant walks among the historical buildings, spend the evening in one of the stylish cafes or restaurants and hop out in the morning for fresh rolls and vegetables at the Farmers’ Market on náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad.

The repertoire of Divadlo na Vinohradech Theatre will definitely please even the most demanding aficionados of culture and when you will be thinking about your children’s future, you need not fear that they will have to travel all across Prague for their education. There are several quality educational institutions right in Vinohrady: Arcibiskupské gymnasium, Výtvarná škola Václava Hollara and Gymnázium Sázavská, for example.

The building, including common areas, will be sensitively refurbished so that it preserves the original style while also satisfying the requirements for a high quality of life. The flats on offer are in their current state, thus it will be possible to move into them immediately or to refurbish them to suit your own personal wishes.


All of the events and amenities in the vicinity of the Vinohrady residence is a matter of course – there are preschools, elementary schools, a post office, shops and a medical clinic here. If, however, you will want to head out beyond the confines of Vinohrady, it will take you just five minutes to get to the Vinohradská tržnice tram stop, Na Smetance bus stop or Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station.

  • Riegrovy sady right in front of the building
  • The popular locality of Prague’s Vinohrady
  • Views of the park from every flat
  • A relaxing garden in the quiet inner courtyard
  • Complete amenities in the vicinity for a full life


Flats and price list

Number Type floor Layout Orientation Floor
space m²
Cellar stall
area m²
State Price CZK
2 Retail space přízemí store 4.7 - - 4.7 sold   Detail
3 Flat přízemí one room + kitchenette S 23.1 10.9 - 34 sold   Detail

purchasing and financing

Procedure when purchasing a flat

Verbal reservation

If the client decides to purchase a flat, we will reserve the flat chosen by the client for 48 hours.

Preliminary purchase contract

Within 48 hours from the Verbal Reservation, the purchasing party and selling party conclude a Preliminary purchase agreement and the purchasing party pays a 10 % deposit of the purchase price. At the end of August at the latest, both parties conclude a Purchase Agreement.

Purchase contract

After the validity of Preliminary Purchase Agreement expires, the purchasing party and the selling party conclude a Purchase Agreement.

Handover of flat

Handing over of flat to be expected at 9/2018.

Information for foreign clients:

The restriction on the purchase of flats for clients from countries that are not EU member states is no longer in force. Foreign clients can now also buy a flat as a private individual.


PSN's and Hypoteční banka's successful long-running cooperation in financing the sale of flats to clients makes it possible to provide you with an unrivalled offer for financing the purchase of a flat in Rezidence Silencio.

A guaranteed alternative offer for the sale of flats in Rezidence Silencio is provided by PSN and ČSOB a. s.:

The basic option offers you

— FREE processing of mortgage loan
— FREE processing of property expert opinion
— LOWER interest rate by 0.25%

Other options offer you a combination of discounts from fees and interest rate discounts

— The possibility of extraordinary payments of up to 70 % of the loan collateral value without a penalty
— All you need in order to set up the mortgage loan is to document your income

PSN provides the following services FREE OF CHARGE

— All the documents required for setting up the loan (with the exception of the confirmation of the income from employment)
— The registration of the title and the right of lien at the relevant Land Registry Office
— Legal and notarial services connected with the preparation of the contract documents

For more information about financing please contact:

PSN — Lukáš Záhrubský, +420 606 022 160, lukas.zahrubsky@psn.cz

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